Friday, October 15, 2010

Huang Ching-ASUS court Friday issued reputation infringement in Taiwan

Huang Ching v. Asustek reputation infringement will be March 20 court hearing in the sun, both sides will be the first confrontation in court. Yesterday, reporter learned from the Huang Ching-lawyers, they will soon ASUS Taiwan media companies and launched several well-known reputation infringement.

By the end of December last year, although he will be a lawsuit filed by the lawyers handed over to the Chaoyang Court ASUS discuss reputation, prosecution Asus releases, including major portals, including hundreds of well-known sites, to result in serious mental injury, although he and other losses infringing content, ask the court to award ASUS stop abuse, rehabilitation, apology and compensation for loss of 1 million yuan.

Yesterday, lawyers for Zhang Ping lawyer told reporters that he had last Friday's hearing the court received notice of Chaoyang, the case will be March 20 trial. According to the Court, Chaoyang, said March 20 the court not the court, only the exchange of evidence before court, as to when to enter the trial phase, the judge said did not know.

Meanwhile, according to lawyers, last year in November, Phoenix "Wentao stroke the table" column broadcast "500 million astronomical claims." Because ASUS is a listed company in Taiwan, Taiwan investors have after watching the show on the ASUS questioned in Taiwan, ASUS followed by several well-known media statement on behalf of listed companies, the statement expressed many serious discrepancies with the facts and causes Huang Jing lower social evaluation and its agents. In order to restore the truth, and their agents negotiate, although he decided to sue the local court in Taiwan, Asustek Computer Inc. and the release of infringing freedom of speech part of the Taiwan media. Currently being finalized claims, in addition to Asustek, and asked the media to stop infringing infringement, a public apology, rehabilitation, the compensation claim will be more than 100 million yuan more than NT.

Yesterday was the weekend, call the ASUS Beijing's Haidian Branch, he did not link to the relevant personnel.

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